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GLOBETEC now offers automated loading / unloading systems using modular robotic systems, high quality, value priced gantry style and single arm robots. Systems can be easily added to new or existing machines and integrated with our patented parts supply systems to provide low cost dependable operation of your CNC equipment. . 

Agile Robotic Systems

Flexible multi-axis loading systems with Fanuc robot, full selection of parts supply modules and easy to use conversational programming  



Boxy Compact Auto Loaders

Flexible small parts auto-loader with Fanuc robot, 5-drawers and easy to use "SoftBoxy" software 



Collaborative Robot Loaders

Collaborative Robot packages with economical systems designed for human interaction 



EasyGantry Overhead Loaders 

Flexible high speed gantry systems with part flipping station, pallet or stocker types parts supply table and simple programming.